Fan controller has thermocouples which were a pain to put in the right place. The display itself isn’t too bright (despite the photo) but the knob LEDs are reaaaalllly bright. 

Computer is actually a lot quieter now that I can lower the fan speed :)

This finally came in yesterday!This afternoon we play computer surgery. :)

This finally came in yesterday!

This afternoon we play computer surgery. :)

I’m guessing I won’t have problems with frayed edges :)

I’m guessing I won’t have problems with frayed edges :)

Picked up  my new mouse and mousepad!Asked about my card reader/fan controller as well; they said it’s in transit and should be ready for pick-up tomorrow.
Azio Levetron GM2000 Wired Optical Gaming Mouse
E-Blue Mazer Mouse Pad - Small

Picked up  my new mouse and mousepad!

Asked about my card reader/fan controller as well; they said it’s in transit and should be ready for pick-up tomorrow.

Azio Levetron GM2000 Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

E-Blue Mazer Mouse Pad - Small

Still waiting on my fan controller. -.-

Still waiting on my fan controller. -.-

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Guess who has new computer fans???

But also guess who’s fan controllers are on back order?

Since my 2013 Summer project was supposed to be a self study in programming I guess I’ll post these images on this Tumblr.

For Lab 10 of my CPSC301 class we were to write a script that puts an image in grey scale and a separate script that turns off different RGB channels for each quadrant in an image. 

I think the derp moment for me was that I didn’t read ahead so the test image I originally chose was a benzene ring already in grey scale. oops. Fortunately there are many colourful benzene rings to be found on Google images. 

Bodhi Linux

Replaced Windows 7 Basic on my 4 year old netbook last night with Bodhi Linux. Runs so much faster than it did before. I can actually open multiple tabs and pdf files without my netbook freezing up. It’s just unfortunate that my battery is dead so I /have/ to use the AC wall adapter in class.

I was first going to install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS but after some not-so-in-depth Google searching I came across a list of light weight Linux based OS’s for netbooks or really old computers. Ubuntu is great but I decided to try something new and so far Bodhi has been good. There are others on the list that I would like to try but I don’t have time to download and run live for testing.

The only issue I had with Ubuntu was that the wireless network card didn’t work right right after the fresh install. I already knew this before hand from some quick research because I wanted to make sure my HP mini 110 wouldn’t cause too much trouble in terms of drivers/hardware after the install. 

Bodhi seemed to worked out of the box so I stuck with the install and also it seemed to have a lighter CPU and RAM footprint when idle compared to Ubuntu. Bodhi also shares many of the same applications as Ubuntu (I believe Bodhi was developed from Ubuntu anyway). 

Netbook specs: 1.60 GHz Intel Atom; 1GB RAM, 160GB hard drive.

Installed the 32-bit version using a USB drive:


Screen shot while using live “CD” 

Relevant links:

Some project updates:

2012 Project: As I may or may not have mentioned before, my desktop computer project is pretty much complete but whenever I make any modification I’ll be updating you guys here. I’m planning on decorating my computer case. My friend suggested using a glossy paint over the matte case, black on black. I’m not sure what design to put on my case yet. 

I only decided on this recently because I was thinking of finding an even smaller case but it seems the case I own is already one of the smallest you’ll find that will house a full sized ATX board. I guess that would explain the poor built in cable management for the interior design of the case.

2013 Project: The summer of 2013 was supposed to be the summer I got back into programming but a lot of things happened and I didn’t end up having time for it. I also planned on making a 2D scroller with CS and SY, but that never happened either. Well, we did make a small start in planning and some design. 

However, I recently purchased Multimedia Fusion 2 from the last Humble Bundle. It’s made by the same team that created Klik & Play so I’m already familiar with how this tool works. I finished the start-up tutorial which was pretty simple. Hopefully we can work on that game using MMF2 instead of Unity. Or maybe I’ll design a different game with MMF2 and still continue with the other project on Unity. I’ve yet to work on any Unity tutorials however and creating something 2D on a 3D engine is a lot more complicated that I initially thought. 

So, my 2013 Project is now effectively also my 2014 project. 

My game project is STILL HAPPENING

Just very very very very delayed (I’m so very sorry Caro and Shirley).

BUT, I definitely want it FINISHED by the end of this year LATEST. Hopefully end of this month.